I've eDir 8.8 & IDM 3.5
I've DB2 (ver8) installed on Solaris.

I've imported and configured JDBC IDM Driver. Mapped table & columns with
eDir class and attributes.

when I insert record in DB table, its creating user in eDir.
But when I create user in eDir its giving error in trace and not inserting
record in Table.

Here is what the error message I'm getting in trace

<status level="warning">Your third-party JDBC driver does not support
retrieval of auto-generated primary key values. Table/view
'CASLDBA.IDMTUSER' is configured to use this unsupported primary key
generation method.</status>
<status event-id="0" level="success"></status>

<status event-id="VJ#20070824043153#1#1" level="error" type="app-general">
<description>Unable to add object. Unable to insert row into table/view
<jdbc:exception jdbc:class="com.ibm.db2.jcc.b.SqlException"
jdbc:error-code="-302" jdbc:sql-state="22001">
<jdbc:message>DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -302, SQLSTATE: 22001, SQLERRMC:

My driver has com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver for third-party JDBC driver class
Also subscriber settings has"auto-generated/identity column' for
"Generation/retrieval method (table-global)".

If I turn this setting in to "subscription event(default)" I'm getting the
following error <description>Unable to add object. Unable to retrieve
primary key value(s) from event. Event missing required value for primary
key column 'CASLDBA.IDMTUSER.ID'.</description>

Could you pls tell me whats wrong in this configuration? should I use
different third-party JDBC driver, if yes what is that file name.