Have installed EDir and Identity Manager according to the ZENWorks
"Installing in Windows Environment" document. Configured the AD driver as
mirrored with EDir.

When I create a user object in EDir they show up in the container I selected
during driver configuration on the AD side. When I create a user in the
same container on the AD side it shows up in EDir (just a little slower).

For existing AD Users... I assume I need to migrate the container object
from AD first.?? I do need to get all the existing user objects from the AD
containers too.

I tried a migration of a test container from AD to EDir but I get a similiar
"vetoed" error in the debug. "Migrate into Identity Vault"... Edit list...
I added "dcobject" and "dc" filter.. Hit O.K. and then put in the name of
the AD container/dc.

Am I going about this wrong??

Basically, I need to migrate existing users from AD to EDir...

Thanks in advance...