I want to sync an eDir workstation group to ADS. What I did is to
replace the object class name "zenWorkstationGroup" by "group" in the
command policy. Thus I get worksation group created in ADS but only if
there are not any members in the group.

If there is a member in the group, I get the warning message:

Channel: Subscriber
Object: \HDGDV_TREE\HdGDV\Resources\Workstations\test
Status: Warning
Message: Code(-8003) Unable to synchronize reference to
\\HDGDV_TREE\\HdGDV\\Resources\\Workstations\\ACAC IA from attribute Member.

I do a mirror sync between eDir and ADS and the dn of the computer
objects in the member attribute is wrong. Actually it reflects the dn of
the workstation objects in eDir.

Computername: ACACIA
DN in eDir: .cn=ACACIA.ou=Workstations.ou=Resources.o=HdGDV
(Tree name: HDGDV_TREE)
DN in ADS:
cn=ACACIA,ou=Workstations,ou=Resources,dc=rostock, dc=ini-graphics,dc=net

How can I convert all dn of the member attribute of the group object in
order to match the destination computer objects in ADS? And, is it okay
to do this in the command policiy?

Thank you for any hints