I have a customer that deletes eDirectory accounts but keeps around the
corresponding GroupWise account in case the user returns. Then, when the
user returns, the eDirectory account is recreated and they use the GW IdM
driver to match the user to the unassociated GroupWise mailbox using the CN.
The driver does properly perform the match, but the eDir/GW relationship
does not get created correctly. The ngwFID gets populated in eDir, but none
of the other GroupWise attributes get populated. It requires manual

I've already advised them that it is bad practice to leave a dangling
mailbox out there without the corresponding eDir account. However, the
driver should be able to perform this match (similar to a Graft function in
GroupWise). I've duplicated this behavior in my lab. The driver definitely
can properly rematch an existing eDir account to an existing GroupWise
mailbox, it just doesn't fill in all the ngw* attributes on the user. I can
manually fill them in and everything is fine.

Is there a way around this or is this a bug in the GroupWise driver behavior
on a match?