I have a virtual machine with 2 instances of eDir 8.8. I have installed
IDM 3.5 on both of those instances. I have configured eDirectory driver
connecting the trees. The problem that I face it that when I create an
object in Instance 1, I do not see the event on instance 2, do not see
the object get created in instance 2. But I see an association on
instance 1.

In short the driver functions as a loopback. I have 524 as replication
port on instance1 and 8524 on instance2.

It looks like instance 1 is unable to communicate to instance 2 (since
it is the same box). What authentication parameter should I have for
instance1 to communicate with instance2.

I've bound instance 2 (nds.conf) with an IP address that is different
from instance 1.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.