IDM 3.5 is installed on a Win 2003 box with eDir 881. Three drivers
are running: Text, AD, and Groupwise. The Groupwise system runs on
clustered Netware 6.5 SP3 servers.

This has been working well for 3-4 months. Last week they processed
1600 accounts through the Text driver into AD and Groupwise. No

They went to make an update run and noticed the Groupwise driver was
stopped. The driver would not start.

The DS trace showed an authentication error: bad username or password.
Reset the password for the idmadmin account and reset it in the
driver. Still failed with the same authentication error.

When I came on site, I was able to trace the connection from the GW
driver on 2003 to the Netware server hosting the GW domain. The wire
trace showed the interaction and the DS trace on the target box showed
the DS agent name resolves for the idmadmin user, a request for the
Public Key, and finally a -669 DS error (auth failure). The 669 also
showed up in the wire trace.

Unfortunately, I didn't save these traces. The NW client (4.91 SP3)
was giving me errors trying to login (8891) so I rebooted the 2003

After the server restarted, the GW driver gave the same authentication
failure at startup, but there were NO packets on the wire and no trace
on the target NW server. No communication off the 2003 box.

The other two drivers are working well.

Following tech support's suggestion, I created a phony GW driver in
Designer that connects to the same GW server with filters blocking
everything and domain path wrong.

I deployed this test driver and tried to start it. It gave the same
authentication failure and, again, there was no traffic on the network
and no DS trace on the target NW server.

The client claims nothing changed in the 2003 box. They're pretty
sharp so I believe them.

Works fine one day, doesn't work at all the next. Any ideas anyone?