We have a strange problem. we have built an AD connector for AD / Exchange

the remote loader is on PDC and has password sync enabled. the PDC does
not have exchange system manager and all exchange related tasks and
components are on separate servers.

there are 3 DC and about 10 exchange servers .

we are able to create AD users without any problems BUT no exchange
mailbox is created. on closely observing the remoteloader logs we find

ADDriver: Exchange: could not get CDOEXM mailbox interface

which is described in (3675293) TID.

to install CDOEXM libs we needs to install Exchange System Manager which
requires IIS and which requires something else !

the infosec is in no mood of spiraling into this.

Is there a way to create mailboxes without using CDOEXM ? or use the
CDOEXM lib on the PDC without having the overhead of IIS etc.

has anyone implemented in a mutliserver environment ?

any tips