Disclaimer: I've not done much at all with IDM. The person that did the
initial implementation is no longer with the company. Help is greatly
appreciated. We're currently running IDM 2.0 with a 3.5 upgrade 'on the

We are trying to sync group membership from one tree to the other. The
catch is that one tree has multiple groups, and we are syncing to a tree
that will just have one group. I know that IDM generally works on a 1:1
relationship, which we obviously don't have. The structure outlined:



My thinking is we can basically do text matching where if a changeevent
comes across and that user has a GroupMembership matching (GROUP) from any
OU, it will place it in the GROUP.GROUPCONTAINER group. This sync only
needs to occur one direction. It would be very helpful for users to be
removed from the group on the 'remote' side when they are removed in Tree1.

Can anyone please help me out with how I can go about this, or provide a
different (better way.)