I delete the association using iManager from "modify object->Identity
manager-> delete". But it does not work.

For example, I have a user named user01 and it mapped to
user01.ecgc.com. I delete the association by that way. And delete the
user user01 in the connected system.But when I mirage the user01 form the
valut to connected system, the Driver encoutered the following error:

Driver: ECGCTREEecgcECDRVSETMailDriver
Channel: Subscriber
Object: ECGCTREEECGCHRusersuser01
Status: Error
Message: LDAPException: No Such Object (32) No Such Object

And when I check the association in the "modify object-> Identity manager"
, I get the user01 mapps to user01.ecgc.com again.

Additionly, when I modify the placmnet policy , the user01's association
does not modify. It keeps to maintian user01.ecgc.com.

Is that means that the association does not delete?

Thanks advance!