This is so basic, but as I haven't grasped the big picture yet, I'd rather ask, than do it wrong. Our consultant hasn't had the time to contact me to answer my question yet, and we need to kick this off today.

Please forgive any incorrect wording - I will try my best to explain the setup and I will read the full IDM 3.0.1 documentation next week. Please ask if you need further info to answer my question, and I'll find the answer. We'll upgrade to 3.5 soon, but I want to get all of the NW 6.5 SP6 and Security Patches complete first.

I want to 'turn on' the Active Directory synchronization in IDM 3.0.1. We want all of the NetWare 6.5 user and group objects to be auto-created in the Windows AD domain. The consultant set everything up in a 'ready to go' state (eDir driver setup, AD Sync setup, UserApp (eDir Tree) and Gwise driver), but I wanted to finish the Universal Password rollout and get us to 168-bit encryption before continuing, both which I've completed.


On a Novell server, there is a Dev_Tree eDir DriverSet - this Tree is where the UserApp driver resides as well.

On a Linux server there is an IDVAULT Tree with an eDir driver, an AD driver, and a Gwise driver.

On a Windows 2003 server the Remote Loader is running. All of the various drivers, except the Gwise driver, now have yin/yang symbols in the Overview pages and I set them up for auto-load.

I turned on the eDir drivers and AD driver via iManager. I verified that the Remote Loader is running on the Windows server. However, only newly created or existgin modified eDirectory users are showing up in the AD domain, not all of the existing users/groups.

I believe I have to kick in the AD sync process, using either the Migrate from, or Migrate to, button on the Novell server's IDM Overview page, within the eDir driver. I'm just not POSITIVE which button, and then what I should be browsing to and selecting. This is where I'm not getting the big picture yet. I'm getting messed up in my thinking because if I choose what I THINK I'm supposed to choose 'Migrate from', that means Migrate from the main ID Vault (on the Linux Vault?) into eDir?? And that's not what I want to do. 'Migrate to' confuses me as well as to what exactly that migrates, and to where.

Thanks! I know this is so simple, but I'm brand new to this. So, which button do I choose, and what will I browse to and select once I choose it ?