i have been testing lothar's password driver, and today wanted to test a
lot of password expiration notices going through. so setup a test groupwise
box and some mx records and setup that 100,000 users would get mail
notifications on one pass of the driver.

of course java the hutt kerploded. so i moved my max heap to 256mg in
sys:\etc\java.cfg ...DIRXML_JVM_MAX_HEAP=256M

what is odd though is watching java app with java -showmemorypid i never
saw it come close to 256mg,,,so i am not sure what i even got the
java.lang.outofmemory. that command showed a "memory used" of only about

and after i set the max heap to 256m using the java -showmemory the
"reserved virtual memory pool" shows 394,264,576,,,before any changes and
using only the defaults this number was 100,663,246....so i am curious
where the descrepancy of 400mg and 256mg is coming from?

maybe i should move this question to the netware group--but thought i
would ask here. i know nrm would give descrepanciees of memory usage.

also curious what others are doing for their heap for idm.