I'm using the "do-send-email" action in an eDir driver to send an email to
the relevant system administrator if an account needs moving. The function
works fine but I want to know how to put a line break in the email so it's
formatted nicer as it's currently just one long string of text.

The code I'm using is as follows:
(do-send-email server="IP.IP.IP.IP" type="text")
(arg-string name="to")
(token-text xml:space="preserve")idm-notify@mail-domain.uk(/token-text)
(arg-string name="subject")
(token-text xml:space="preserve")move eDir account: (/token-text)
(arg-string name="message")
(token-text xml:space="preserve")The account: (/token-text)
(token-text xml:space="preserve") Needs moving to: loc (/token-text)
(token-text xml:space="preserve") --- END ---(/token-text)

I considered using email templates but it appears as though you can't
create your own but just use pre-configured ones, is this correct?