Hi everyone,
i have a problem with SAP-driver in a special case, and hope anybody can
help me.
Environment: IDM 3.01 (W2k3), SAP on AIX-host
Scenario now : only PUB activ, RemoteLoader running on SAP-Konsolidation
System (not Prod.-System!), iDocs-export from Prod-System to
Kons-filesystem - running!
Scenario new: activation SUB too, Remoteloader must be stay on
Kons-System! (reason: prod. SAP on IBM Cluster (hacmp), Remoteloader not
Question: How can i configure the driver, so that Remoteloader for PUB has
a different Hostaddr (Kons), than the SUB-Channel for JCO/BAPI to the
Prod-System.? If not, give it other solutions?
Thanks in advance