I'm probably the newest kid on the block when it comes to IDM?

We have a third-party app that needs to read users from an AD and so we're trying to implement an IDM setup between eDIR and AD! Until we can purchase the full license and install IDM 3.5 we're using the OES Bundle(2.x I believe) in order to facilitate this sync.

I have a 2003 server box with AD and have installed the remote Driver; configured it and believe that it's working. I also have another 2003 server box, not running AD, but has eDIR 8.7.3 which I originally installed the DIRXML server on. After trying to configure the drive in iManager and getting some errors (below), I decided to re-install the server components on a Netware box. I installed the IDM on my iManager server box running NW6.5 sp5, rebooted, logged into iManger and got the same error again?

The error comes up when I try to associate an object to a server. What am I missing?