I read through the IDM 3.5 upgrade docs, but
did not see anything specifically referring to
upgrades on a server with multiple instances
of eDirectory, so I have a few questions.

System configuration: Four servers, each
running SLES 9. There are four "trees" across
the four servers, so four instances of eDir
per server. IDM sync's both between instances
on the same server and to external systems.

1) I have four eDir 8.8.1 instances on a server.
When I upgrade from IDM 3.0.1 to 3.5, I am
thinking I must upgrade all instances at once
because there is one copy of the IDM software
on the server that is shared by all of the eDir
instances. Is that correct?

2) There are four servers in my system,
each with four instances of eDir. I plan
to upgrade each server one at a time and
probably wait a few days between each. The
docs say to export drivers and set them to
manual start, but don't say anything about
disassociating the driver set from the server
before upgrade. Is that a good idea? Any

3) I've seen a few posts about managing a
mixed IDM 3.0/3.5 environment saying that I
should use two instances of iManager -- one
with IDM 3.0 plugins and another with 3.5
plugins. Is that the best solution?

4) Any other general recommendations before
beginning an upgrade of multi-instance