I am trying to get my head around what the new feature of "Jobs" can get me
in IDM3.5.

I understand these are not event driven, like IDM is,. and can be
schedule-driven. The
samples provided don't clear up much in my brain, however. And a review of
the docs
I have seen are not getting me there either.

What I had read (and understand) is that this might be a way a person could
a examination of the data in the vault and act upon certain conditions it
finds... I just can't
seem to understand HOW to get started.

For simplicity sake, le'ts say I wanted to "look at all users' 'Title'
field, and if the
title=manager send them a email using a template". I am guessing I could
use the supplied "subscriber channel" trigger, put in some coding (but
where?), define the
scope in the job settings (scope = top of tree) and the schedule (nightly at
PM) and then the job would "run" and send the all managers a email.

Help me get started please! ;-) THANKS!