I am very new to this so I am sorry if my question is foolish.

Here is a little back ground on what I have and setup. We Netware 6.5.sp5 and
Gw 7 spH2 we also have a about 20 windows 2003 servers all with separate AD's.
I have our IDM setup so it pulls data from or HR sql database to
automatically create users and place them in GW and in the appropriate AD of
the school. If the users already exist in Ad and in GW and the user name is
the same in both accounts then it all syncs and users can change the password
in ad and it will sync it to GW.

My problem seems to be that some times the ad account was setup with a
different user name, is their a utility that I can use to allow me to manually
associate the IDM user with an AD user?