My existing environment installed nw65sp6 with IDM301 with AD driver and
UserApp driver.
I want to install IDM3.5 on SLES10sp1 on a new server. My questions :
1. can IDM301 and IDM3.5 co-exist ?
2. should I upgrade existing IDM301 Metadirectory to 3.5 ? if yes, can I
leave AD driver on 301 ?
3. I installed UserApp driver onto this existing Metadirectory, but the
SLES10 server has been erased. Should I just delete UserApp driver by
iManager ? Does it work this way ?

Or advise what is the best and safe method to put IDM3.5 with UserApp. The
main purpose to do this is to use Password Self-service on SLES10sp1 in
IDM3.5 environment.

Any advise would be much appreciated.