eDir 8.8.1 on Win 2003 Server SP1
IDM 3.0.1 on above server
Server is a DC of AD1

Remote loader installed on Win 2003 SP 2 DC of AD2

Drivers do a full mirror of AD1 to eDir associations work fine on
existing as well as newly created OUs and Users.

Driver for AD2 is one way for creation and changes from AD2 to a sub ou
in eDir, passwords are the only thing that is synced both directions.
Users are associated to existing users in eDirectory with no issues, but
existing OUs in the eDir throw an object exist error and don't associate
between the two. Even if I allow OUs to sync both directions a migrate
(in either direction) doesn't associate existing OUs. Because of this if
a user is moved in AD2 that move will not be synced into eDir. Sync
gives error -9093 "Element <parent> does not have a valid association."

Any ideas/solutions are much appreciated.

Phillip Wilson
Application Developer
Highline Community College