I have a Novell OES server running and I would like to use the migrate
function in the Identity Manager to allow it to create accounts in AD
solely for Exchange mailboxes. I have followed numerous instructions and
all I can get to migrate across to AD is OU's and security groups.
Obviously I need to be able to send users created in NovellOES across, but
it doesnt seem to work. These are the only 3 objects i have tested and in
reality i only need to migrate OU's and Users. I have tried many different
combos of objects for e.g., OU's and users, OU's first then user in a
separate migration, users by themselves in no OU. Still only OU's are
migrated. I have supplied the "Full Name" field in Novell too (I read this
was a requirement for AD)

Any help will be great.