So I have postal address in my eDirectory and it is spitting out as a structured attribute on the subscriber channel as shown here:

<add-attr attr-name="Postal Address">
<value timestamp="1182805294#71" type="structured">
<component name="string">1825 Pressler Street </component>
<component name="string"> Houston, Tx 77030</component>
<component name="string"/>
<component name="string"/>
<component name="string"/>
<component name="string"/>

That is the input document as spit out of the subscriber to the shim and then next thing after the input doc is:

15:00:57 74F63400 Drvrs: OAC7 ST:Stripping operation data from input document
15:00:57 74F63400 Drvrs: OAC7 ST:OAC7 DC Model: LDAPSub.performAddOperation() Calling getAllSups(inetOrgPerson)
15:00:57 74F63400 Drvrs: OAC7 ST:OAC7 DC Model: LDAP Add:

then the add has:

departmentName: NanoMedicine
Postal Address:
manager: uid=tsun,ou=People,dc=uth,dc=tmc,dc=edu

There are no rules in between, but postal address is getting whacked into nothingness by the shim?
I checked the default driver config and didn't find anything that looks like it handles this.
The destination directory is a Sun LDAP.

(I know I trimmed a bunch of the trace, but there is really NOTHING else in there)