Hi all,

we want to synchronise the notes x509 UserCertificate via the lotus
notes driver into eDirectory. The mapping looks like this:

eDirectory <-> Notes
userCerificate <-> UserCertificate

Basically the sync. works. But i think we have a problem with the
format of the notes certificate.

The certificate data looks like this:

09004E03 G001A21F 9BBE01G0 2A03G002
0803G001 08033082 03043082 01ECA003
02010202 145A25DA 3B16981E A5400EEF
134A3640 BEB0A480 87300D06 092A8648
86F70D01 01040500 301D311B 30190603
55040313 124E6577 436F204E 6577204E
6F746573 20434130 1E170D30 37303531
33323032 3332345A 170D3039 30353133
32303233 31395A30 5C311130 0F060355
040A1308 54726169 6E696E67 31163014
06035504 03130D54 7261696E 6572204D
7573696B 312F302D 06092A86 4886F70D
01090116 20747261 696E6572 2E6D7573
696B404C 4E746573 742E6465 67757373
612E636F 6D30819F 300D0609 2A864886
F70D0101 01050003 818D0030 81890281
8100ED26 C6F575D9 3554ED27 0116CE98
06E6ECEF 657F5598 E417FAF7 14B979E0
63981F46 854683DD 28ECB05C 9B71A5AC
A7010D45 67FFE0F1 B4FB0DF2 2DD541AA
D38608AD C9D35C89 C369942F CFF715FC
FD2B4DD7 9E4D72F0 CBBA6542 8A1A2D54
353D5663 2E6DAD95 5F0755FA 0DF27A7A
A91227C9 E8ACE48D AC426F04 396481D7
50710203 010001A3 8180307E 300E0603
551D0F01 01FF0404 030203B8 30130603
551D2504 0C300A06 082B0601 05050703
04305706 03551D1F 0450304E 304CA04A
A0488646 6C646170 3A2F2F6D 61726C64
65656475 30312D76 6D776172 652E6D61
726C2E64 65677573 73612E63 6F6D2F43
4E3D4E65 77436F25 32304E65 77253230
4E6F7465 73253230 4341300D 06092A86
4886F70D 01010405 00038201 01000958
4A116897 9D736C51 DA5B47A5 5954C70A
23446DB8 99DA1F10 D8813D56 A4D86F75
D6001F79 9779C350 95DDA325 2C8EA5A9
1883ACAA DFE183EF 8EEDAE8A 97F45462
8C77AC93 FC4E3AD4 1AC9C828 86E01C78
469E8C5B 13DE781E EF2EE1D3 A88AF120
1C569D7F 1F268710 96EF7AC9 3031A945
71614C52 793EB86C D145CF8D BEE5D78B
333C26F2 DF1F370F A603C2D1 E5DED5D9
9C847D05 F3921313 FD5859BC AAB1A6EA
24B90494 ECE45313 2355F63F B5204656
21DF6D0F B3E75BCA 7B65735A C87048C9
63D7A659 15F64C9F 2AE4B115 8FC24BC5
7FE3E98D 447753A8 58B03E3C 8CB601ED
3F68DAE9 7FD5AF58 59D47917 D36D76B1
F307EBEA D9243F7F 0D2DB101 4299

Does anybody know this format? And how can i convert this?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Andre Giza

Andre Giza