IDM 3.5 included a plugin for Sun Java System Directory servers that can be
used to synchronize passwords on the publisher channel. But this only works
for passwords that are changed AFTER the plugin is installed, and has only
been tested on Sun Java System Directory. I don't know if it would work on
iPlanet or not. I saw one message from someone who had tried it with iPlanet
and got an error because one of the APIs used in Sun was not available on

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<Xjjei.195$>, Jeff
Johnson<> wrote:
> All the docs I have read say the LDAP driver(I thinking iplanet) only
> supports password subscription. I have been told several times that you
> can
> actually do bisync passwords with the ldap driver. I thought that could
> only be done to OID with a special password hack,,,,not to iplanet. Can
> someone please clarify? I am looking to feed passwords from an iplanet
> server to idm. If I cannot use the ldap driver we will just write some
> ldap
> app. thanks!