We were asked the question whether we can switch to a different DC when
the current DC is unavailable for the failover purpose. In AD driver
documentation, it states switching to a different DC might cause resync a
large number of old events. To avoid this, it gives a solution by deleting
the "DirXML-DriverStorage" attribute on the driver. However in the
instruction it also states AD will resync of associated objects in the
vault. Isn't this an even larger number of synchronization than
resynchronizing a large number of old events? Or is it a different type of
synchronization? Where does the AD driver find the unprocessed event? By

The second question I have is regarding high water marker in the RL. I
found several discussions about this, but I still do not understand
completely. Could someone explain to me how it works again please? If AD
RT does not have a cache to queue up the unprocessed events, how does AD
driver know what event/attribute to process?

Our environment is IDM 3.0.1 and windows 2003.

Thank you very much

Jie Feng