Hello Please,

> So . . . neither eDir nor IDM are supported on a 64 bit OS that can't
> run apps in 32 bit mode?


but very few distributions doesn't have two sets odd libraries + the kernel
compiled to be allowing user land apps to run in 32 bit mode. The fact that
eDirectory and IDM is running for Jeff (See Jeffs message) is because the
linux OS (Probably SuSE or RedHat) he is running has one set of 64 bit libs
and one set of 32 bit libs (right down to even libc) plus that his kernel
allows switching in user land apps to 32 bit mode. Most linux x64 distributions
have this.

If you however would run eDirectory and IDM on for example a Gentoo pure
x64 build without 32 bit user land support and without all the 32 bit libs
then you would have no chance getting eDirectory and IDM to work. Even gentoo
is normally setup supporting both 64bit and 32bit.

Speed degradation due to mode switching on an x64 CPU to x86 (32 bit mode)
is neglegtable.

So in practice, install your linux os, eDirectory and IDM and off you go...

Regards Johan Akerstrom

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>> eDirectory isn't running in 64-bit mode, so neither will IDM. Sorry.
>> Otherwise I'd definitely go with 64-bit. Having a 64-bit OS (x86_64)
>> means your system will be happier with more RAM so that's always a
>> good thing and will help things in general, but eDirectory is still
>> 32-bit.
>> Good luck.
>> please@nospam.com wrote:
>>> I have a server running SLES 10.1 64 bit with eDir 8.8.1 running in
>>> 64 bit mode. The server only has 4 gig of RAM. Will IDM 3.5 get
>>> any performance benefit from running in 64 bit mode, or should I
>>> install it in 32 bit mode?
>>> To clarify: My understanding was that sustained processes that
>>> involve a lot of IO benefit from 64 bit mode even with only 4 gig of
>>> RAM, which is why I am using that for eDir. In your opinion, does
>>> IDM also benefit for the same reason, or should I run it in 32 bit
>>> mode because 64 bit is only slowing it down?

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