Ok, I finally resolved the parameter error and invalid password error.
However, now user accounts are coming across without a password, or with
a password that is blank. I have tried resetting passwords in ConsoleOne
with no success. There are no error messages whatsoever in the driver
status, subscriber status, or publisher status logs (trace set to 4).
There are also no errors in the Windows Application or Password Synch
logs. All other user attributes seem to be coming across just fine. The
trace log indicates that there are no SSL errors.
Our environment is a Novell 6.5 server. The driver (AD) having issues is
connecting to a remote loader on a Windows 2003 server. We also have
another driver in the driver set hosted on the same 6.5 server that
connects to a remote loader on a Windows 2000 server and synchs the
exact same user accounts to a different domain. The passwords are coming
across fine on this driver, even though it looks to be configured just
like the other one. I have password synch installed and looks to be
configured properly.
Please help!