I have tried to figure this out and I know I must be missing something.
My problem is on the publisher channel.
I have a structured attribute coming across that looks like:

<modify-attr attr-name="DIRXML_EMPLV_J">
<component name="EMPLID">8675357</component>
<component name="EMPL_RCD">0</component>
<component name="DESCR">CIO - Information Technology</component>
<component name="DESCRSHORT">Sr Syst Ad</component>
<component name="DESCR1">Senior Systems Administrator</component>

Thanks to Dave G and Father I can parse this into the attributes that I need, namely department and title.

However, in order to get them through to the directory, I have to include department and title on the filter, then on any query to the application (peoplesoft) it dies because title does not exist in our CI schema.

If I add this to the schema map, then I get back multiple values for each of these.
If I don't put title and what not on the filter, they are filtered out before getting to eDir.

I'm kinda stuck. Please help!!!!!