I am using NW6.5 sp5 and AD 2003. I have IDM 3.0.1 and Designer 3.0.0 M1.
I am new to IDM. I used DIRXML 1.1a for years without any issues.

AD was upgraded to 2003 while I was on leave and upon my return we had
IDM. They used a default wizard to pull information over becuase the 1.1a
was supposedly not compatible.

New builds seem to work fine they both flow over weather I build in AD or

First issue: When I move an account, however, I get problems. It seems to
work then a few minutes later the users login name changes to the display
name shown in Active Directory. There account will not work until I rename
it back.

Second Issue: AD passwords flow over to NDS but not vice-versa

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated it.

Also is there a good resource to help me better understand the whole
process. I would like to roll this out with groupwise and maybe Microsoft