Anyone else noticed the mess that is the "WorkOrder" schema -

eg DirXML-WorkOrder vs DirXML-nwoWorkOrder Objects ?
DirXML-nwoDueDate vs DirXML-DueDate attributes ?

It looks like there are psuedo "duplicate" schema extensions in the
"AvayaDvr.sch" and "WkOdrDvr.sch" in the install media!
eg AvayaDvr defines DirXML-nwoDueDate attribute and
but WkOdrDvr.sch defines DirXML-DueDate attr and DirXML-WorkOrder object

Still not yet confused which to use ??

Look at the WO Driver docs - refers to DirXML-nwoDueDate attribute (pg 81)
- but then refers to DirXML-DueDate in the solutions - (pg 29) !

Then install the base WO Driver - it adds DirXML-DueDate into schema
mapping - and Filter

Can someone at Novell please resolve these - consolidate the attribute and
object names into a single - cohesive set of object and attribute names !

I've just wasted two days trying to get the new WO driver to work -
fighting "ILLEGAL ATTRIBUTE" type errors