Pardon me if I'm missing something obvious, but is there a way to make
sure when someone changes their password that the Password Expiration Time
is updated to the same date on all systems? I've been testing an eDir to
eDir sync. When a password is changed in one tree, the ped is updated in
that tree. But when the password is then synched to the other tree, the
ped is set to expire immediately (which when the user changes it causes
the ped in the other tree to expire, and on and on). I tried adding the
Password Expiration Time to the filter to be synched both ways. This
works if you just manually changed the ped. But because the password
synching takes place after the ped is synched, it gets reset to expired.
I see there's an option in password policies to "not expire the user's
password when the administrator sets the password" but we'd prefer for the
password to expire in such a case.

It seems I must be missing something obvious.

IDM 3.5
both servers are eDir and NW6.5sp6