Hi, I’d like to know your suggestions about a task I’m
involved in.
I’m using Novell IDM 3.5 and I’m trying to implement a
scenario to assign an Entitlement just for a predefined time.
My goal is to assign a new Entitlement to a person that gives him grant to
a resource until an expiration date occurs. After that date, maybe an
automatic job should re-check entitlements of that person and revoke
expired resource. Thus, I should store expiration date
“inside” entitlement parameter or values.

These are tasks I already performed:
1) With Designer a create a new – no valued – entitlement.
2) I modified approve form by adding a new Field (called
‘Expiration’) to a new Provisioning Request Definition (this
is a DatePicker field)
3) In workflow tab of PRD, I’m using DirXML-Entitlement-Parameter to
store value submitted by ‘Expiration’ field during Approve
Workflow (“flowdata.get('Expiration')”)

Until now, I assigned a new entitlement, set an Expiration date (stored as
“yyyymmddhhmmssnnn-hhmm” format in <param> tag of entitlement)
and created rules to check if date is expired (on

How can I proceed now?
Since I would like to assign different (or even the same) resources to the
same person (each one with its own Expiration date), I don’t know
how to “remove entitlement” after expiration time (and I think
RBE cannot use a filter based on “DirXML-Entitlement-Ref

I appreciate if someone could point me to the right direction…