I have been trying to resolve the issue as to why the distribution password
is not synchronizing from eDir to MAD. If a user changes password in eDir,
it will synch and migrate user object to MAD. If I do a Migrate from
Identity Vault, the user migrates but the account is disabled. This is
where I found the Distribution Password was not synching. I have the
default rules on the driver for distribution passwords but all rules are
rejected. Nothing tells me that there is a problem in the trace level 3
logs. I have even changed an attribute to trigger an event to migtrate the
user and still the account is disabled.
I have checked password policies on both eDir and MAD. Each match up.
Checked IDM configuration on passwords. It does not seem to recognize that
there is a password in eDir and pass it through. I do not know what to do.
Any ideas???? I found two more users had just changed passwords and
everything is fine. I do not want to force a password expiration. We are
trying to do a server migration from eDir to MAD this summer on over 20
school campuses. Thanks for any help......Rob