Groupwise Driver:

I want to be able to send notification by email to when a new groupwise
account is created or renamed.

Don't worry about the syntax I just need the logic.

Scenario 1:

Subscriber: Event Transformation:
If operation is add
set operation property GWadd = Source(DN)

If operation is rename
set operation property GWrename = Xpath(child::new-name/text()

Subscriber: Input Transformation
If operation = status
if operation property GWrename is available
send mail

If operation = status
If operation property GWadd is available
send mail

This works great - yes - it works. But I want to send the account
information that was created along with it. For example: the NGW Object
ID, File ID, email address etc.

Publisher: Command Transformation
If class name = user
if op = modify
set op property GWCN = Destination(DN)
set op property GWPostoffice = Attribute(NGW: Post Office)
set op property GWFID = Attribute(NGW: File ID)

Publisher: OUtput Transformation
If operation = status
if op property GWCN available
if op property GWFID available
send email

This scenario sends the account details - which is what I want - but not
as a result of an add or rename event.

so Question is: How do I put the account detail information into the Add
and rename events as in Scenario 1?
or am I thinking about it the wrong way.

Please advise.