I am currently synching private/public key between trees (NDS Password)
and am going to be changing this to sync Universal (Distribution)
password instead.

The problem is, it's likely going to take some time (year?) to
"encourage" all of our various local administrators to upgrade Client32
to the most recent version with NMAS support, so there will be a
somewhat slow and jerky migration over time.

I know how to see if nspmDistributionPassword is changing. That's easy.

But, if I see Public Key / Private Key changing (assuming I put these in
the Filter), is it possible to determin if that change is from UP
updating the NDS password, or whether it's from a non-NMAS client
updating the NDS password?

I don't think I can depend on the event having nspmDistributionPassword,
Public Key, and Private key all included as operational attributes, can

I know I can't depend on just looking to see if nspmDistributionPassword
is available, as that could be true if the person has ever gotten their
UP set, even if the current password change is coming from a non-UP
capable client.

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