Hi there,
We are just strating on implementing the IDM 3.5 GW driver for GW 7.
We've enabled entitlements and are using Role Based Entitlements for
accounts OK. What is the function of the default gwDistLists entitlement?
What are the GroupWise attributes 63133 and 58004 refering to? I could
not find them on the Novell web site.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><entitlement
conflict-resolution="union" description="Grants membership to GroupWise
Distribution lists" display-name="GroupWise Distribution Lists"
<nds dtdversion="2.0">
<query class-name="GroupWise Distribution List" event-id="spQuery"
<search-class class-name="GroupWise Distribution List"/>
<search-attr attr-name="63133">
<read-attr attr-name="58004"/>
<read-attr attr-name="Description"/>
<token-attr attr-name="Description"/>
<token-attr attr-name="58004"/>