I've enabled tell AdminP support for the notesdriver, wich works fine; When
modifing the Given, Middle or Surname an "Initate rename in DD" AdminP
request is added to the AdminP database and performed.

Im trying to find the right approach for Employees getting married (or
divorced) where both middle ánd lastname get changed,(Suze Mitchell -> Suze
van Holland-Mitchell) but not ending up with 2 rename reuquests, one
changing just the middle name from the original name and one changing just
the surname from the original name and ending up with a incorrect new name
because just one request is performed.

Inserting the Middle name in Lastname is an optionI'd rather not choose for
(Lastname: van Holland-Mitchell)

Where does IDM decide to insert an "Initate Rename in DD" and how to combine
the both adminp requests so both Last and Middle name get changed ?

Another problem is the creation of new users having a middle name. In both
ConsoleOne an iManager it's not in the "New User" screen, so I have to
modify new user resulting in a rename, new emailaddress etc. Can iManager
(or ConsoleOne) be altered so Middle Name is present in the "New User"
screen ? Veto add events without a middle name is no option because not
everyone has a middle name...