For some reason, our ldap server quits working. I re-created ldap server
by deleting the following four objects:ldap server-server name and
ldap group-server name, SSL certificateIP-server name and SSL
certificateDNS-server name. It seems working now. But when I tried to
load tomcat, I got the following error in logger screen:

tccheck: LDAP is not up yet; waiting

LDAP connectivity not found on ldap://localhost:636

Please load NLDAP and then manually execute command:

If your server host certificates have change recently, executing

sys:/system/tckeygen.ncf may be needed to restore secure LDAP


java: Class com.novell.application.tomcat.util.tccheck.LDAPVer ifier
exited succe

So it seems ldap still has a problem in SSL port, which
cause iManager unable to load. I would appreicate it very much if anyone
can give me some suggestion.

Thank you in advance!