I am synching user objects from eDir to MAD. Only the email address and
some other Exchange related attributes should sync back from MAD to eDir.

The trace of creating an user object in eDir shows me all the actions that
happen on the subscriber channel including mapping and output
This sync is successful - i receice a <association> element and everthing
is fine. After this operation an <add> event pops up on my publisher
channel informing me about a new object in MAD - I am sure this works as
designed - (which is in truth the synced object from eDir). This <add>
event holds now the values I wish to have from MAD & Exchange.

My question is now - what is the preferable (correct) way of processing
this event:

1. because this <add> event holds an <association> element I could query
eDir for the correct user object and change this <add> to a <modify>
without merging values.
2. let the IDM engine do all the work which means getting the <add> event,
merging the values and send a <modify merge="true"> event to eDir and MAD.

In case 2 I would have to deal with a <modify> event which is not truely a
<modify> in the context of changing data (I mean "old-value" <>

any suggestions would be appreciated.


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