I'm not quite sure the best way to go about this. I'm using the peoplesoft driver and have the following schema coming across the publisher channel:

<modify-attr attr-name="DIRXML_EMPLV_J">
<component name="ASSOC_ID">111111</component>
<component name="EMPL_RCD">1</component>
<component name="EMPL_STATUS">A</component>
<component name="JOBCODE">0775</component>
<component name="COMPANY">internal</component>
<component name="STD_HOURS">4</component>
<component name="FTE">.1</component>
<component name="REG_TEMP">R</component>
<component name="PAYGROUP">EFA</component>
<component name="SUPERVISOR_ID"/>
<component name="DESCR">Associate Professor</component>
<component name="DESCRSHORT">Asc Prof</component>
<component name="JOB_FAMILY">F</component>

This is just part of the document where other attributes would be first name, last name, etc. This particular attribute "DIRXML_EMPLV_J" will have multiple values, one for each "job" the person has.

The question then is how to translate this into the directory schema. Would it be best to do a reformat on the input transform and separate each component into the mapped attribute? Or is there a more efficient way to do that?

Thanks again!