Hi All,

I'm posting this message in this forum, although I'm using DIRXML and not
Identity Manager, but there's no forum for DIRXML so I hoped someone in
here can say something intelligent about my problem...;-)

I have a question about GroupWise LDAP authentication in combination with
password synchronization to Active Directory.

We run GroupWise 7 on OES NetWare 6.5. We have recently enabled LDAP and
eDirectory Authentication on the Post Offices. This allows us to use
eDirectory authentication in the office and LDAP authentication through
webmail. This works fine, when users are in the office they don't have to
enter their password when they login. When users login to GroupWise
through Webmail they can use their eDirectory password and this works fine
as well.

The problem comes when the password is expired and the user changes it
through webmail. We have password synchronization enabled (DirXML Engine
version 1.1x, driver for eDir 1.1x, driver for AD 2.1x) between eDirectory
and Active Directory. When the user changes his password in the office
there's no problem and the password changes in Ad as well, but when the
user changes it through WebAccess (LDAP) it doesn't synchronize to AD.
Does anybody know what to do? Is this a LDAP limitation or something else?
Do we need Identity Manager to resolve this issue?


Frank Vogtschmidt