I'm trying to resolve all of the various complaints that Designer's
"Project Checker" has with my project, and a good number of them seem to
be caused by the Schema Map on my eDir/eDir drivers between the trees.

Almost all of the ones I'm looking at are similar to:

"Attribute accessCardNumber in missing from class User."

which really seems to mean that the accessCardNumber attribute is
defined in the schema, but on some other object class (Person). But,
it's in the Schema Map rule, on object class User.

Looking closer at the Schema Map, I don't see anything in here that I
actually need. The schema is the same between the two trees, for all
practical purposes. All of the attributes defined in the map match the
exact same attribute on the other tree, so there's no conversion going
on here.

The simple solution seems to be to just delete the Schema Map and be
done with it.

But I've also noticed over the years that sometimes the Schema Map
appears all by itself, usually as the result of editing the Filter in
iManager, which makes me wonder if removing the Schema Map is a good
idea, or a bad one.

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