I'd start by collecting the logs described in the TID

Those should show the entitlement query being issued (on the server.log)
and allow you to search for it in the SAP FO driver log. Then follow
that query there until you see the responses received. Same thing in DEV
and compare, chances are the query (or the destination SAP system) will
be different between both environments.



On 5/23/2014 6:44 AM, gierache wrote:
> Hello, i'm currently having a problem adding a SAP FO entitlement to a
> resource. I can see that all the entitlements are listed, but the
> "Logical System" filter won't display. I tried deploying the same driver
> i've developed for my DEV enviroment where i don't have this problem. I
> double checked the userApp logs and IMonitor, and i didn't find any
> error line. Any hints on this problem?
> The main difference between my DEV and QA enviroment is that the portal
> runs on cluster.
> My enviroment:
> IDM 4.0.2
> UA 4.0.2 Patch C
> WebSphere 7.0 FixPack 29
> Thanks.