I wonder if anyone could help with setting up our IDM 3.0.1 driver to
to sync user details between eDir (on a Netware 6.5 box) to a Windows
2003 Server running SQL2005 (setup for Windows Authentication only
rather than SQL authentication)

We have created a default JDBC driver using IDM Designer, then added
'integratedSecurity=true;" to the Authentication Context:

jdbc:sqlserver:/<IPAddress>:1433;database=idm;integratedSecurity=t rue;

Trace log:

<description>Unable to connect. There is a connectivity-related

jdbc:class="com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServer Exception"
jdbc:error-code="0" jdbc:sql-state="08S01">
<jdbc:message>This driver is not configured for integrated

Is there something else we need to do?

Thank you in advance