I think other people must have come across this problem before so I'd just
like some advice on how to go about it...

I have a eDir driver that has an extensive placement policy based on
attributes stored in the IDVault (this works great). I would like to make
my eDir driver automatically move accounts. However I'd really like to
re-use the rules I've already set up in my placement policy. How do I go
about this?
Do I just have to re-write these rules again in the Command Transform
policy to say "if attr X changing then move account to..."

Also, if I use Novell Storage Manager how can I be sure that accounts will
not get moved when the users are logged in? (as I think this will cause

I work at MMU, a large Uni in the UK with 36000 students who often change
course and then need to be moved to a different eDir container - automating
this would be great!