If i deploy the standard groupwise driver to a novell cluster I get the
following trace message and the driver wont start.

14:15:25 6DCA90A0 Drvrs: DirXML Driver
<\TREE\Services\ProdDriverSet\GroupWise 65> requesting password.
14:15:25 6DCA90A0 Drvrs: GroupWise 65 ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \TREE\Services\ProdDriverSet\GroupWise 65
Status: Fatal
Message: <description>Failure initializing GroupWise</description>
<code>javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Authentication to
\\\GWSTAFF1:\domain failed. Unable to authenticate to tree
HARPER, error code = -601</code>

The Driver is on one server (not node) of the cluster and the gwise
domain is on another server (not node) within the same cluster.

The ip address of the GWSTAFF1 server is
the domain is located on the volume GWSTAFF1: in a directory called 'domain'

When i setup the driver i entered the following info as per the

Name : Gwise Driver
Entitlements : No
Default post office : staff1.groupwise.Tree
Goupwise : 6.5
Drvier & domain : Driver on Netware - groupwise on differnt server
Type : Local
Context : TREE

Next Screen
Primary domain server : (This is the ip address allocated
to the server within the cluster and not the actual cluster nodes)
Primary Domain Path : GWSTAFF1:\Domain
username : admin
password : *******

Once deployed the driver will not start giving the above error. Has
anyone come accross this or know of any tid's regarding the gwise driver
in a clustered environment


Chris Boyle