I am receiving the below error message in our production environment. I
never received this error in our test environment. This error occurrs when
a new user is created. In my rules, IDM sets the eDir password and the AD
password to a generic value. I am NOT trying to synchronize passwords at
this time. When I researched this error message, it seems that this
occurrs when password synchronization isn't functioning correctly. The
users are created fine and the set password rule works. I am trying to
figure out if this error is a 'real errror' in the sense that I need to
fix something, or if the error is just telling me that password
synchronization is not setup....which I don't want it to be right now.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Jordan

Message: <application>DirXML</application>
<object-dn>TXDOTTFTVBRECK-C (TxDotInternalVBRECK-C)</object-dn>
16:03:42 6D32D100 Drvrs: Unable to get nspm password(2) failed, -16049
(0xffffc14f), subject METAtoEDIR.TXDOTDriverSet.SUPPORT, tree TXDOT,