I have IDM 3.0 on SLES 9 talking to AD/Exchange 2003. I have configured
the driver to use CDOEXM to manage Exchange mailboxes.

Everything works well as far as provisioning Exchange mailboxes etc. The
business rules of the system requires users in a certain container
(Melbourne) to have their Exchange accounts set up in a different homeMDB
to the default (Sydney).

This was easy enough to set up in the driver policies. However I want to
set the driver up so that if an account is moved, that the correct homeMDB
is set and the mailbox is moved from e.g. Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to

The _very_ simple test policy element I wrote to achieve this (at least
for one direction - from anywhere else to Melbourne) I put in the Command
Transformation on the Subscriber channel. The policy element says (in
policy script pseudo-code) ...

if operation equal 'move'
and if source DN in subtree 'myO\myOU\Melbourne'
set destination attribute value("homeMDB",Global
Configuration Value("melbourne-exchange-mdb"))

.... the GCV 'melbourne-exchange-mdb' is valid because it works for the
original account provisioning (if the user is initially created in the
Melbourne OU). But in the case of a move to the Melbourne OU the rule is
triggered correctly but generates the error below.

<status event-id="edten01#20070508060606#8#1" level="success"/>
<status event-id="edten01#20070508060606#8#1_opData1" level="warning" text1="CDOEXM" type="exchange">CDOEXM returned error code .</status>

The account move was successful but the CDOEXM mailbox move failed. Does
anyone have any ideas?