Every time I move an object in eDirectory, I get DirXML error in remote
loader server saying " attempt to move an object to an unassociated
container.". Im running IDM 3.0.1 and set bidirectionl synchronization
to allow changes to be made from either end. We have a very flat
eDirectory and thus I am trying to re-organize them. I am trying to move
all the user accounts and user groups to USERS OU. But in AD side,
everything is default settings. When I moved a user or a user group to
OU in eDir, I immediately got the above error. I wonder how I can fix
this problem. In AD, there is already USERS OU existing by default. How
can I make matching between eDir and Ad? Shall I have to do something in
AD side and how? Also I noticed that when I created a new user account,
the membership wont sync from eDir to AD. Please advise!

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!