I am unable to associate a driver set with a new server. I am also unable
to create a new driver set on the same server. Have been doing a lot of
reading and hate to post if this is out there to be found, but I just
haven't found it.

Old Win2K server with DirXML 2.0 driver set is coming offline
New Win2K SP4 server with Identity Mgr 3.0.1 and IManager 2.6.0
EDir 8.8 sp1

Able to disassociate old server in Identity Mgr Overview
Unable to associate new hardware. Error:

"Unable to Associate the Server with the Driver Set.
com.novell.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIException (Error -714) The operation
was not implemented."

Attempt to create a new Driver Set results in the same error.

I have done DSTrace with DirXML, DirXML Drivers and DSAgent and not seen
anything to point me in a direction. I am trying hard not to open an
incident for this one. Any help?