Implemented universal password in the IDvault and created eDir-eDir
connection to the LAN directory. Also implemented UP in the LAN
We now want to bulk-add all users to the LAN directory.
(Although I use IDvault here, this actually is a LAN directory also
where users use Novell client to login to)
What is the best way to do this?

I have a create policy in the eDir-eDir driver that the user is not
added to the LAN directory if the password is not available (so users
vannot login into the LAN directory). Since most users not yet have set
their (Universal password) I cannot use synchronise or migrate into.

I'm thinking of the following solution.
I use migrate into IDvault on the input (HR) driver.
I add a rule to this driver (command transform) that will add a default
password to the user if the action is the result of the migrate into
(or synchronise).

How can I check for such an event?